Andre has been practicing yoga for just over 7 years and started as a true beginner with limited flexibility and physical literacy. His journey at the SATTVA School of Yoga has cultivated both parts passion and discipline for the practice. His classes are poetic, educative, and inspirational. Andre believes the practice and teachings of yoga allow us to contribute to the greater good by providing us with deeper resources of presence, compassion, and patience. Andre's teaching style is fun and creative with great focus on the movement/breath connection. Andre found yoga to be the most beneficial complement, both mentally and physically, to his previous career as a varsity athlete. His initial relationship with yoga has deepened throughout his practice. Andre teaches from his personal practice that has bared witness to SATTVA yoga's transformative nature, and respects the power that that this practice possesses to keep one grounded, focused, accountable, and aware of even the smallest moments on and off the mat. Andre is an RYT 200hr Yoga teacher who completed his training here under the unparalleled and fruitful wisdom of his teacher, Rameen Peyrow.