SATTVA Yogis Off the Mat and into the cOMmunity


YEG's Homegrown: Boocha 

Sitting at a picnic table with a fresh latte, I got to chat with this month's featured SATTVA yogis, Byron Hradoway and Jen Darling about their new and blooming kombucha company, Boocha which officially launched on the May long weekend.

In March of this year, the duo came up with the idea of making, bottling, and selling their own kombucha creation in a spur of the moment. They’ve been drinking kombucha for a long time but decided that instead of continuously purchasing the drink, they would create their own. Which is quite common here in Edmonton, but they went a step further and decided to start sharing it with the world.

“With a million plus people here in Edmonton, you’d think there’d be something local to offer. A lot of people are making it at home, but we’re the first to actually take it to market” said Byron. It’s true; Boocha is the very first YEG based Kombucha brand to hit the streets! Currently, the only spots that you can purchase their brand are at the 104th street Downtown Edmonton Market on Saturdays and at the U of A Farmers Market every Thursday.

As Byron and Jen have been practicing regularly at the Sattva School for past 2 years and have been active within our community, their Boocha has become a growing success and an absolute hit with our teachers and students!  Their creativity and brewing talent blew us away when they were able to turn even a batch of freshly picked Saskatoon berries into a delicious custom kombucha blend for our very own, Kevin Gaudet!

With the practice of yoga and health consciousness going hand-in-hand, kombucha has made its way into the digestive health regime of many yogis.  Practice yoga. Eat right. Drink kombucha. Byron added, “Boocha is definitely an alternative to soda with the carbonation and flavours; you can drink it to get a third of the sugars compared to a can of pop. Realizing the benefits of the probiotics and different digestive enzymes you won’t get anywhere else, why wouldn’t you love it?”

We are definitely loving it- so much so that we are very excited to announce that we have become an official Boocha stockist and will be stocking their signature and seasonal blends within the next couple weeks! 

Seeing Jen and Byron grow and develop not only their business but also their yoga practice has been inspiring and exciting to witness. We couldn't be more proud of the shining talent that is thriving within our community, and we can't wait to share their Boocha with you!

Written by: Carolyn Dickson