Find Your Happy Place: The Upside of a Regular Practice

Develop a Routine of Yoga

There’s something to be said for routines and consistency. With a regular pattern in our life, we are able to anticipate variances, commit to something and instill integrity into its very being. With a routine, we are able to notice the subtle changes our mind and body makes as we go deeper into the familiarity of our routine. 


Finding Your Groove

When it comes to your yoga practice, creating a routine for yourself (and maybe your friends for a good ol’ yoga date) is the best way to establish a regular yoga practice. When you sink into a routine, you’re able to see the world—a.k.a. your yoga practice—more clearly and tweak it as your body needs throughout each month. When we develop a routine for our yoga practice, we develop a consistent rhythm—a sense of familiarity in the body—and from this place, we are able to play and improvise as we explore postures during each practice and during each month’s sequence. 


The Benefits

We can’t say enough great things about establishing a rhythm to your practice. Not only will your physical practice evolve, so too will your mind. You’ll start to notice a change in your practice, identifying the smaller details, the nuances, of each posture and their transition to the next posture. In essence, you’ll have the time to see the forest for the trees and it will be great! 


A Few Helpful Tips

In order to get into this yoga groove, we have a few helpful hints for you to ground into a routine: 

  • Start at the end. Think about what you want your future self to feel like. What are you trying to achieve through your yoga practice? It’s always easiest to look at what an ideal world looks like for your yoga practice and set mini milestones and goals along the way to achieve this rhythm. If you’ve never been able to stretch your knees in adho mukha svanasana (downward dog), aim to focus on that throughout January and see how this attention changes the way your body sits with this posture. 
  • Pencil yoga in. It’s helpful to schedule your week in advance. Sit down once a week and map out when you’ll get to the studio to practice and when you can do an at-home practice; perhaps through the Sattva Online platform. Taking the time to think about when you’ll be able to practice will help you stay focused and keep you accountable for what you’re looking to achieve. 
  • Set yourself up for success. Take care of yourself in between your time on the mat. Get a good night’s sleep, drink plenty of water and eat food that will fuel your body rather than hinder it. These moments in-between your mat time will enable you to come to your practice feeling positively fueled.


It can be a bit daunting to get in the groove of a steady, consistent yoga practice but finding that rhythm will enable you to go deeper into your practice and ready your body for more difficult postures and sequences. Take a peek at one of Rameen’s many yoga talks, to ground into your practice. It will enable your mind to go further into discovery, which is always what we’re after: discovering who we are.