Connect the Dots... in Nature...

Sometimes, the busyness of life gets in the way of us truly slowing down; truly enjoying each moment. How often do you make a point of shutting down the electronics to get outside? If this isn’t part of your daily practice, consider integrating nature in some small way once a week. It’s amazing what opens up inside of us when we make a little time for Mother Nature.

The finer points

  • Here’s the deal, nature is very good for you. Why, you may ask?
  • You slow down. The lists stop forming in our minds and everything that is not important in that moment just dissipates.
  • You breathe differently. Part of the process of slowing down means that the rhythm of your breath changes too.
  • Your brain activity changes. The patterns in nature offer a rich complexity to our thought process and cognitive functions shift.
  • It boosts your creativity and curiosity. Just look around and observe all of the textures and forms of our natural world. There’s so much beauty and elegance in natural environments that our bodies crave.
  • Want more details, take a read through this Huffington Post article. It’s a good one!

Try them out!

With many national parks nearby and a beautiful river valley in the heart of our city, get outside and get your heart pumping. Or find a quiet space to close your eyes, meditate and listen to the stillness in your surroundings. Inviting friends along for the ride is also a great way to connect. You get a chance to bond and tune-in with nature. There’s something really special about getting outdoors and it leaves a lasting impression on us.

To help calm the mind and body, try out some outdoor activities like starting a garden, hosting a stargazing session once a week, planning a hike in one of our national parks, or join an outdoor yoga class. Did we mention that the Sunday Sessions will be moving outdoors soon? It’s definitely something to keep on your radar to help you connect with the most simple and authentic self: you + nature = bliss.

And with all of these stellar reasons now in your arsenal—most of which help me connect to my happy place when I get on my mat to practice—consider combining nature with mindful, yogic activities. Your mind, body and breath will thank you for it.