Align Your Body with a Cleanse

Eating mindfully is a type of meditation. If we become hyper-focused on the things we put in our bodies, it will help us stay aligned and help us tune into higher functions of the mind and body. As the sattva cleanse comes to fruition for the month of May, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind to help you along your cleanse journey.

Meal planning

I find it helpful to meal plan once a week, creating a grocery list of only the items I need to prepare meals and snacks that will fuel my body all week long. Creating a grocery list also helps you stay focused. If you stick to what’s on your list, you’ll keep your budget in mind and keep the not-so-healthy foods out of your cart. These tools will come in handy when temptation to keep refined sugar and salt out of your diet.

Eat mindfully

Mindful eating also helps us stay focused when a craving sprouts. When cravings come up, ask yourself if there’s a deeper need for this in your life? Am I stressed? Is this my response to an emotion I’m feeling? Meditate on these cravings that rise up within yourself to understand your deeper holding patterns in the body. Your cleanse will help you target these cravings and desires head-on and softly work through them.

I also encourage you to tune-in when you’re eating. Put the phones and other electronics away when you’re having a meal. Focus on what you’re putting in your body and be grateful for the food you have. This practice alone will help you get more personal with how you fuel your body. It’ll also help strengthen connections. If you have kids, a partner, or live with roommates, putting the electronics away will give you the space for conversations, which has a much bigger impact on us than staring at those little blue screens for hours on end.

Practice patience

Be patient with yourself as you start your cleanse. It can be a huge disruption to our regular eating patterns. It’s going to take time to change the patterns you’ve built up over time but graciously accept each new day and each new feeling or emotion that comes up throughout your month. Cleansing is never an easy task but I hope these simple food thoughts help you stay focused for the entire month. Happy cleansing everyone!