Welcome to the Seven Days of SATTVA


“Don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It’s quiet, but the roots down there are riotous.” -Rumi

Hello SATTVA Community! This season, and in particular this month, is an intense time on many levels—a solstice, a holiday season, and the closing out of a calendar year are significant on so many levels. It’s no coincidence that the Strength Sequence is showing up in December—now is the time to ground into your inner resolve and strength, to celebrate the season in your very roots and to cultivate that energy and light to ease the intensity of winter’s darkness.

For those of us in Edmonton, the daylight hours are few and the weather is fully transitioning to chillier, crisper temperatures. I have always felt that we are lucky to experience each season in its full expression here, but winter in Edmonton can be a particularly sacred experience. In winter, we are given the opportunity to turn inward. In a literal sense, we spend more time indoors. We curl up and get cozy any way we can, and creating comfort and warmth for ourselves in all its forms is a critical practice.  Our energy for activity and expression shifts to a slower pace. We are selective in what we commit to for the sake of staying safe on the roads, in the cold, and in the dark. What we spend our time on becomes an accurate reflection of our values and priorities. In so many ways, we are hibernating while awake.

This, I believe, is the reason that winter is a great time to celebrate one another, to feel festive and full of joy. When we do venture out into the dark and cold, we do it with intention and an excitement, because we are essentially moving towards the warmth and light of one another’s company. In this sense, winter and the last few weeks of the year are such a beautiful duality of light and dark, warmth and cold. We move in and out of near solitude to the riotous connectivity of holiday parties and family gatherings, and I think one of the best ways to stay grounded in the comfort of one’s self is to remind ourselves that there is a point to all of the busy-ness—and that is to celebrate each other.

With this in mind, all of us at SATTVA invite you to join us in celebrating the season with the Seven Days of SATTVA. We want to honour our students and our wider  community that make this studio such a special place to be in winter, and starting on December 17th, we will be hosting a series of daily giveaways in studio and on social media. These giveaways will wrap up with a grand prize giveaway on December 23rd. We will post more of the finer details soon, so please stay tuned to our Instagram and teacher announcements after classes. During the Seven Days of SATTVA, we also encourage you to come into the studio and bring in a Food Bank donation or a gift of new or gently used mitts, gloves, or toques for our warm clothing drive. Any donations made in studio act as an entry for our daily and grand prize giveaways, and are a direct way we can involve our wider community in this spirit of celebration and giving.

Some of our Community Partners for prizes include:

Modern Gravity, Wellness on Whyte, Lululemon Whyte Ave, Shakti Jewelry, Arc’teryx West Edmonton, Under the High Wheel, Hideout Distro, Propaganda Salon, and Fabloomosity

We are so excited for you to enjoy this season of giving with us!

With love,

Caleigh and everyone at the SATTVA School of Yoga