For the LOVE of Yoga: Shakti Mantra Amulet Giveaway

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The word Mantra can be broken up into 2 words. Man which means “Mind” and Tra which means the “vehicle”.  Mantra can be used as an instrument of the mind and to bring more power and strength into certain aspects of your life. In the world of Yoga, Mantras are postures for the mind. Mantras are affirmations which help keep you connected to a particular state of mind.

This month is all about the LOVE of yoga and the love of Self. To celebrate self love at the SATTVA School, we've teamed up with Shakti Jewelry for a very special giveaway!

Beginning Monday, February 12th until February 28th, we're giving away FREE Shakti Mantra Amulet Necklaces to all new Auto Renewal Membership enrolments!* There couldn't be a more perfect opportunity to make a beautiful dedication to yourself and to your practice with the blessing of Mantra.

Sign up for your monthly membership here and let your inner revolution begin!


*Based on first come fist serve policy. While supply lasts.