December is for Strength

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As we reach the last month of the year it only makes sense that we leave the year on a strong note, and the SATTVA strength sequence is just that! 

If you're familiar with the SATTVA Yoga practice, then you know that we cycle through sequences every month that bring your awareness and attention to different aspects of the body. We begin the year with the Front Body sequence and then move through Side Body, Back Body, and Strength. Once this 4-month cycle is complete, we repeat the process all while adding some new postures to each sequence.

The aspect of the body that we will be focusing on for the month of December is strength. 

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In the SATTVA practice, we bring our attention to unique lines of awareness, and this Strength sequence of postures ask us to find the centermost, innermost central axis in the body. This line begins on each foot at a point of origin directly in front of the heels, up through the very center of the legs converging at the pelvic floor, directly through the center of the torso, all the way up to the crown of the head. At the chest, the strength line splits to follow along each arm and connects to another point of origin located at the center of each palm.

Moving through all yoga postures with specific awareness and integration of these body lines is of utmost importance for a safe, effective and sustainable practice!

To follow along with this sequence, check out our schedule to find a class time or visit sattvaonline.com to practice through our online studio from the comfort of your own home.