Throughout my whole life leading up to my first few formal experiences with yoga, I believe that this practice has been patiently waiting for me to find it. I will never forget my first class at the SATTVA School and how it felt like answering a deep call from something that had always been there, seeking realization. It was almost immediately that I decided to take the 200hr Teacher Training with Rameen, wanting to deepen my practice. The training left me so hungry to learn more that I took it again a second time around, just a few months after completing the first! This practice continues to be the centre of my life's work and inspiration and I feel very lucky to study what I love most. To be able to share the practice of meditation and yoga with others is something that I am passionate about and feel so rewarded by, everyday. I am so deeply and profoundly thankful for the SATTVA practice and all of my teachers.