May SATTVA Cleanse

Yogic diet is an integral part of the SATTVA practice - eating the right foods can have a profound impact on your life and we can especially feel this when we step onto our mat to take postures or drop into our seat for meditation. 

Join us this spring for a month long sattvic cleanse to optimize the body systems and get back in touch with balancing foods that nourish you on all levels. This cleanse is a true refresh for body and mind, and taken over the entire month in order to bring light to our eating habits, our relationship to food, and its effect on the way we feel, think, and behave. 

There is no cost associated with taking on this cleanse other than your grocery list. Happy cleansing!




ORIENTATION Meditation 50 Hour Course


Orientation is a 50-hour course aligning you to the method of meditation through the space of body, breath, mind, and stillness. This progressive course will develop and strengthen awareness, teaching you a technique that guides you naturally into a deepening meditative state and helps you establish a lifelong meditation practice. Attune yourself to the inner and outer reality of meditation through authentic method and ancient wisdom.
For existing teachers of yoga, this course can be applied towards 50 hours of your continuing education through the Yoga Alliance.
March 18-19
April 22-23
May 27-28
July 1-2
10am to 5pm daily 
Registration for the current session is now closed.