The thing I love about yoga is that it can be so many different things. Sometimes we start the practice as a way to become strong, or flexible or to heal low back pain, or to become focused and improve concentration. With practice, I have felt and seen that most often something unexpected happens, something mysterious and subtle. Maybe you begin to notice that you are more than your body and yet exactly your body. That the movements and gestures of the asana practice make you strong in more than your muscles, but also in your resolve. That the focused breathing practice shows up in difficult moments and brings calm. Maybe you find yourself just a little more able to resist becoming involved in the chaos and the distractions of a harried life.

The underlying message in my classes is that you are already perfect. That showing up to move your body, attend to your breath and quiet your mind reveals what is already there. We practice with a focused alignment in a playful and heartfelt atmosphere and you are so welcome.