Katie Mahon

Inhaling to reach the arms up, becoming wholly and intricately immersed in a contemplation of the sensations in breathing deeply to fill the body; creating beautifully long lines from soles of the feet to crown of the head, feeling the whole body balanced and moving to the most dedicated rhythm; the whole effort seemingly simplistic and yet dynamically complex and equally perfect… it is ostensibly impossible to put into words why the practice of yoga called to and captivated me, most certainly, it did and continues to. At twenty years old I stepped onto the mat for nearly the very first time. Having just been clinically diagnosed with depression I was struggling, and searching for a system to reinstate balance in my being. I found the balance I was seeking through the practice of yoga; I continue to seek and to find that same quality of balance ten years later not only in my body, but also in my breath, my mind, my state of emotion, my spiritual expression. I took my first teacher training in 2010, with Michele Theoret and I am grateful to her for setting me on my path of teaching. In 2012, I took my SATTVA teacher training with Rameen Peyrow, who I will forever call my teacher.