Satsang & Meditation with Rameen


Join us for satsang and meditation every Wednesday with Rameen. 
Become a part of the meditation movement! This is an ongoing weekly offering to help you deepen into your understanding and practice of meditation. Each week will be a combination of satsang style discussion and seated meditation. Can't join us in person? Tune in and listen to the talk broadcasted live.
Wednesdays, 7:30pm to 8:45pm
FREE OFFERING, no yoga mats or attire required



ORIENTATION meditation 50hr course


Orientation is a 50-hour course aligning you to the method of meditation through the space of body, breath, mind, and stillness. This progressive course will develop and strengthen awareness, teaching you a technique that guides you naturally into a deepening meditative state and helps you establish a lifelong meditation practice. Attune yourself to the inner and outer reality of meditation through authentic method and ancient wisdom.
 For existing teachers of yoga, this course can be applied towards 50 hours of your continuing education through the Yoga Alliance.



At The Root of Us IS You.

We are a team of meditators, designers, artists, researchers, and technologists with a vision of a contemporary meditation movement for the future. Our approach is steeped in the wisdom of ancient tradition, but incorporates innovation carefully and deliberately to build a bridge for these practices into the near and distant future. We do not believe that meditation should only be relegated to ashrams and monasteries, and we want to help build a world centered within these beautiful practices. Meditation is a profound 'inner technology' by which every individual can take on the responsibility for his or her own total well-being. By providing tools, techniques and opportunities to develop an intimate meditation practice, our goal is to improve our collective experience the only way we know works: from the inside out.