We offer an INCLUSIVE yoga practice that is designed to liberate you from aches and pains of the body, stress and challenges of the mind. We offer you tools and skills to win in life.

"Yoga is defined as oneness or union and our ultimate goal is LIBERATION.
Liberation can mean simply finding space in the mind and freedom in the body."

- Rameen Peyrow


We offer you three options to get started at the SATTVA School of Yoga
and with your SATTVA Practice.

6-Week Registered Intro Courses

For newer practitioners with little or no previous experience with yoga, our 6-week registered course is such a great tool meant to teach you basics and introduce you to step by step to postures, alignment, and yogic breathing.

This registered 6-week session is taught in a cumulative format, Tuesday evenings from 7:30-8:45pm and includes a drop in beginners class every Sunday at 12pm for the duration of your session.

One Month Unlimited Yoga for $40

Sign Up for Our Meditation Course

*no prior meditation experience needed