We offer an INCLUSIVE yoga practice that is designed to liberate you from aches and pains of the body, stress and challenges of the mind. We offer you tools and skills to win in life. There are three amazing options to begin your journey at the SATTVA School of Yoga:

SATTVA Foundations

Come experience our SATTVA Foundations classes! We offer SATTVA Legs and SATTVA Pelvis in-studio Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Both classes are designed to systematically open the body. Beginning with SATTVA Legs, you will work towards increasing the flexibility within your legs. The postures found in the SATTVA Pelvis sequence allow you to work through stiffness, congestion and increasing range of motion in the hips and pelvis.

Our Foundations classes are perfect for EVERY BODY. If you are a newer practitioner with little or no previous experience with yoga, these classes offer you the tools meant to unlock flexibility, heal, and strengthen your body.

One Month Unlimited Yoga for $40

Sign up for our introductory pass to experience your first unlimited month of SATTVA Yoga for just $40 +tax. This is a perfect way to check out all of our classes, meet our teachers, and begin your practice.

Sign Up for Our Meditation Course

Learn to meditate with principal teacher and SATTVA founder, Rameen Peyrow. Come away with the tools to help you discover the stillness and space that exists within us all. This course is designed for all levels of practitioner, no prior meditation experience is needed.