Our history


It all started when Rameen was 23. He followed a sequence of events and a series of signs that led him to Edmonton to open The Yoga Loft, which was one of Edmonton’s very first yoga studios. He called it The Loft because of the fact that he lived upstairs in the space where he had built a small kitchen, shower room, and area for a bed and lived in the space. One by one people started to come practice and develop their skills of connection between body and mind. During this time Rameen was traveling regularly to India, studying with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and getting steeped in authentic yoga tradition and roots. Through the great encouragement of others, Rameen to begin teaching workshops and eventually teacher trainings in Edmonton as well as other cities and countries to spread the healing arts of Yoga.

As the practitioners grew outside of Edmonton, The Yoga Loft and its practice evolved into SATTVA Yoga and the studio changed its name to the SATTVA School of Yoga to support a growing global yoga community. SATTVA Yoga enjoys equal parts attention to physical postures, breathing and meditation to produce a very well-rounded, holistic approach to the practice of yoga in the modern day. Exciting new innovations for SATTVA Yoga have included SATTVA Online, an online yoga resource, and Science of Self, a meditation platform with immersive sound and visual technology.

We are very excited for the future and to witness yoga’s growing presence on the world stage of mind-body healing and science.