SATTVA Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour Certified SATTVA Yoga Teacher Training


This teacher training program is dedicated to inspiring students of Yoga to gain enough systematic knowledge of Yoga techniques that will enable you to tap into the origin of Yoga, the teacher within, and the creative freedom to inspire others. This course will help you establish an essential foundation to becoming an effective teacher. You will learn basic techniques and practice, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, philosophy, lifestyle and ethics.
This program is facilitated by Rameen Peyrow. Renown for his self-enquiry style of teaching, he is dedicated to inspiring people how to connect to the authentic experience of the self. His holistic approach to teaching yoga has a strong focus on meditation and yoga philosophy to provide the space for practitioners, teachers, and students of life to integrate and gain in self understanding and realization.
This teacher training is a 200 hour certification program in compliance with the Yoga Alliance of North America. The SATTVA School of Yoga is a registered and recognized yoga school (RYS) of the Yoga Alliance.  

Rameen Peyrow - Instructor

Rameen Peyrow - Instructor : Sattva Yoga Studio

Rameen Peyrow has been meditating for 32 years. He is a yogi, a teacher, and an entrepreneur whose life accomplishments reflect his calling to the path of self-inquiry. His mission is to aid in the liberation of body and mind for each individual.  He is the founder of SATTVA yoga, an authentic practice of yoga steeped in ancient lineage and wisdom, and owner of the SATTVA School of Yoga and SATTVA Yoga Online, a center and an online resource dedicated to developing yoga practitioners and teachers. He is founder of Science of Self (S.O.S.), an organization with the mission to usher in a modern movement of meditation. Rameen developed and founded SATTVA Ananda Meditation Method, a repertoire of meditation techniques designed to guide an individual all the way to full realization.

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