We Are One: Inner Peace Project Seva Initiative

with Geha Gonthier, Angela McFaul and Kevin Gaudet

The Inner Peace Project is an organization, and a SATTVA seva initiative, that provides marginalized, vulnerable, and at-risk communities with a source of healing through yoga, breathing, and meditation classes. The skilled yoga teachers of this organization are dedicated towards reconciling these communities, and yoga is the vehicle in doing so. 

Join us in practice to help us raise the funding necessary to continue to bring the gift of yoga to communities in need! All proceeds from this class will go towards the Inner Peace Project to provide yoga, breathing and meditation to those who may not otherwise have access to. 

This class is focused on self healing through breath, sound, and movement. Based on the Eastern practices of The Five Tibetans, Qi Gong, and Yoga, Geha Gonthier, Angela McFaul and Kevin Gaudet will present a balancing blend of wholesome practices to re-set body, mind, and spirit. Qi Gong means "working with Qi/energy". In Qi Gong we use specific exercises to become aware of the energy field within us and surrounding us. Cultivating this awareness helps us to harness the energy for healing- ourselves and others.

Communities healed and inspired through yoga, breathing and meditation. From inner peace to outer peace - Om Shanti, shanti, shanti om.

March 31, 2019


$30 +tax


We spend most of our lives abiding by an egocentric mode of consciousness, concerning ourselves with me and mine. When we have these thoughts of me and mine, the Self binds and identifies with its lower Self and distracts us from our true nature and the world around us. But by continually putting others and the collective ahead of us, the path towards truth, balance and peace begin to open up to us.

Join guest presenter, Justin Lindsay for discussion and exploration around the following topics and meditation practices:

• The Four Noble Truths

• The Noble Eightfold Path

• A guided Vipassana meditation

• The Seven Factors of Enlightenment

This workshop will be concluded with a guided chakra balancing and healing.


Sunday, April 14


Cost: $35 + tax


Yoga for Women’s Health

Guest Workshop with Kristin Bosteels, assisted by Eddie Modestini

Join Kristin Bosteels and Eddie Modestini for an evening of exploring yoga for women's health in all stages of life. Kristin is a breast cancer survivor who has dedicated her life to studying yoga as a healing modality, specifically for women’s health. She has directly used yoga to heal her body, hormones, emotions and much more. We will explore a sequence that will benefit everyone who attends in their own way. This isn’t just about practicing yoga, this will be about coming together as women and spending time on self-love and self-care.

Thursday, May 2


$60 +tax



with Eddie Modestini & Kristin Bosteels

Join Eddie Modestini and Kristin Bosteels for a weekend of self-exploration. Yoga is the path to freedom and a guide to understanding the ‘self’. Receive the opportunity to heal, look deeper within, and journey inwards to heal ailments within the body and mind. Common setbacks/stiffness found within the tissue of the body are usually connected to a deeper corresponding blockage in the mind. Over the course of the weekend, Eddie and Kristin will guide you through a series of therapeutic practices that bring both stillness, and stability. Their approach is to teach individuals within a class setting, providing you with insight and tools in developing a healing home practice. Open to all levels of practitioners.

Friday, May 3rd

5:00-7:00pm: Relax Deeply

Saturday, May 4th

9:00-11:00am: Standing on Your Own Two Feet

2:00-4:00pm : Healthy Feet, Knees and Hips

Sunday, May 5th

9:00-11:00am : Backbends for a Healthy Spine and Mind

2:00-4:00pm : Twisting into the Present Moment


$300 for full weekend OR $70 per session +tax